New York Spring Fashion Week 2012

I just ‘happened’ to be looking at runway photos of New York fashion week, and I was like, I LOVE THE HAIR THAT IS GOING ON HERE. Seriously, the trend for hair this year was good, unlike the bushy curls and tight buns I saw last year. 

Betsey Johnson                                                                 Luca Luca                

There is something very “Lana Del Rey” about it. Am I right?

Lana Del Rey should be on the runway. Honestly. Those girls at Betsey Johnson had hairy legs! But awesome shoes..

Betsey johnson SPRING 2012 RTW details 007 runway Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Collection Up Close

I don’t even understand why you couldn’t shave if you were going to be walking in New York fashion week. If you don’t like shaving, get a job selling “medical” marijuana out of your van. I guess I shouldn’t talk though, I’m too short to be a model. Dang. 

xoxo Paola


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