Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

Ahh, yes. Here we go. The first of many Music Monday‘s.

Right now, I’m listening to Lana Del Rey. She’s a GENIUS. Of course, Lana Del Rey is not her real name. She started out as Lizzy Grant, but wasn’t selling her music with that name. Because, ya know, that’s not “hip” enough. Her new album Born to Die is amazing. Every single song is good, you don’t have to skip a track. Here’s the album cover:

Lana Del Rey’s style is perfection. As soon as she wears something, it’s cool and everyone wants to wear it. At least it’s like that for me. Girl crush for sure.

Her hair and makeup are always done fantastically, which, yes, I know she has a team of stylists making her look perfect, but she’s just a total style icon and I can’t get over her face. Like ahhhhhhh.

Ok. I’ll stop posting pictures of her now….. And yes, my background is her. SHE’S EVEN PERFECT IN DRAWING.

Happy Monday!



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