Lost in Time: The 1950’s

Ah, here we go. A new segment on September and Friends. Lost in Time. What is this, you ask? I will be posting about a time period where the fashion was hot and the dancing was hotter. (Ok, every decade had an awesome dance.) But here we go, The 1950’s!

Everything about the 1950’s is adorable. Everything was so classy and cute.

Of course, had to put Grease in there.

Also, am I the only one who thinks 1950’s prom dresses are way cuter than prom dresses today? When I go to prom, I’m ordering a vintage dress. Not a low-cut dress with holes on the side. Here are some of my favorite 50’s prom dresses:

vintage 1950s buttercup yellow Gone With The Wind party prom dress

vintage tulle prom dresses

So adorable.

I know this is mainly one side of the 50’s, I didn’t really add the punk style because it’s not what most people were wearing back then. The only downside to 50’s fashion is that there wasn’t a lot of room for personal style. You were either a greaser or a prep. (jokes) But seriously, it was all about the perfect “cookie-cutter” girl. I love 1950’s style. I wish I could go back in time and live through it.




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