Music Monday: Nicki Minaj

Ok. Usually I post about less popular singers or bands, but I will post the occasional popular singer that I love, like Nicki Minaj. She is such a great rapper, and her new album just came out.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded               Pink Friday

These are my all time favorite songs from her albums:



Whip It

Moment 4 Life

I’m The Best

Super Bass

Ok I could go on with that list. She is such an amazing performer and a really strong person. I even like the songs no one else likes. It’s weird. And her outfits! I will never understand how people can judge someone by how they dress when they WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT all the time!! Like Lady Gaga, she is just doing it for fun. Isn’t fashion supposed to be fun?

Her wigs are also what she’s known for. I love the blonde and pink hair she has. She can pull off any hairstyle.

Even if you don’t like rap music, she actually has a lot of new music that isn’t hardcore rap. What do you think of her? Check out her music!




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