Lost In Time: The 1960’s

Ah, the 1960’s. What a hip time you were. Your decade brought me my parents, the moon landing, and Twiggy. I see the 60’s as a time of knee socks, big eyelashes, Woodstock, and short haircuts. Which I love! The 60’s were finally a time when people started breaking out of the classic 50’s lifestyle, and they were trying something new. The fashion was all about something different and mod. the 60’s created the retro style we all know and love today.



I love the makeup of the 60’s too, with the frosted lips, and huge doe eyes. The icons of the 60’s were some of the best, and the fashion will always be remembered, even if people say, “oh yeah retro… What era was that from?” People will always know the 60’s were a great time for fashion.




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