Music Monday: Lady Gaga

Oh Lady Gaga. Probably one of the most famous, most talented, most unique, and most controversial people on the planet. I love her. Her music, her look, her craziness, everything about her.  She is truly a wonderful performer and artist. I could go on and on about Gaga. She is one of the most influential people in the world. And for good reason. She encourages her fans to be themselves, and she is nothing but herself, even when she dresses insanely. Dressing up is her. That’s who she is. Her music is very Madonna-ish, but she has made it completely her own. She is so gifted. 

The Fame                                                       The Fame Monster               


Born This Way


My all time favorite songs are:

Just Dance





I think they are probably all my favorites. I just love her music. It is so genius. All her songs have different meanings which I think is fantastic. 

Her wardrobe is also my favorite thing about her. She does what she wants, and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. I don’t understand why fashion critics still talk about her in a negative way. She is never going to change, so I don’t know why they still try. Sometimes she wants something to look ugly. Fashion isn’t about being pretty all the time. It’s about expressing yourself. 

Seriously, who wears couture to the airport, Lady Gaga does! And she is the only one who can. 

So inspirational. What do you think of her? I personally think she is awesome.





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