Music Monday: The Ting Tings

Okay, this post might be short, because in a few minutes I’m leaving to go see Moonrise Kingdom. I’m so excited! 

This Monday, I want to talk about how awesome The Ting Tings are. I’ve always liked their songs, even if I didn’t listen to them hardcore or anything, but I’ve listened to their entire new album and I love it! They are so cool!

Sounds From Nowheresville 

I love the cover of this album. No, I’m IN love with the cover of this album. It’s so fetch. (sorry, I’m trying to make that happen right now) 

My favorite songs off the new album are:



Soul Killing

Hang It Up

Hit Me Down Sonny

This album is genius!! It’s all I’ve been listening to lately. 

The Ting Tings are so cool. Just look at them. 

Sorry this post is short but I have to go! Go check out the Ting Tings! 




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