Music Monday: Yelle

If you like french music, and pop, then you will like Yelle. She is like techno pop, but all in french. So I have no idea what she’s saying, but her songs are perfect for dancing! They are super catchy. The first time I heard of her was on SNL, because her song was playing in a sketch. My dad said, “Hey what is this song?” And I did some research. I basically found a super famous singer from France, that I never would have found otherwise. I love her! 

The song I found first from her was called A Cause Des Garcons which means “because of boys.” It is really cute and fun! 

She is also very unique in her style, which I like. It’s because she’s french, probably… 

Her music is very tasteful pop, something I think everyone enjoys. Even if you don’t understand french, (like me) you can really get into her music. (And try to sing along) :]

Go check out Yelle! 




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