Electra Heart!

Ok, so this post is going to be quick, and I promise tomorrow will be more interesting. I just want to express my excitement because Marina and The Diamonds has a new album out!!! I love her so much! She is my favorite singer ever. 

The new album is called Electra Heart. Here are the list of songs

1. Bubblegum Bitch

2. Primadonna

3. Lies

4. Homewrecker

5. Starring Role

6. The State of Dreaming

7. Power & Control

8. Sex Yeah

9. Teen Idle

10. Valley of The Dolls

11. Hypocrates 

12. How To Be a Heartbreaker

13. Radioactive

14. Fear and Loathing

The entire album is amazing! Go listen right now! 



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 



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