On a day to day basis, I usually wear my hair down. Although, when I don’t feel like washing my hair, (I have those days a lot) or when I have ballet, I wear it up. It has been a constant struggle to find cute ways to wear my hair in a ponytail, and I always just end up pulling it back nonchalantly. Here are some cute ways to wear it in a ponytail when you are feeling blah. I used Ariana Grande in all the pictures, because she has literally done every style of ponytail there is, and I love her.


Just back-comb your hair for body, hairspray, and pull up. It looks cute!



This can help you look really put together. It’s a classy look.



For this one you would think that you, um duh, need to have bangs, but a lot of beauty supply stores have clip in bangs you can wear for one day, or every day!


To wear this one it’s totally up to you. Sometimes I do french braid, sometimes I don’t. It looks cute either way.

Slicked Back


This one is so easy and classic. It goes with anything.



With any headband you want, it can really complete an outfit.

What’s your favorite?




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