It’s the last day of August. That means tomorrow the background will change. It’s about to be the best month of the year. SEPTEMBER. I feel like everything will be better in the next month. My schedule will get busy, (classes at community college, dance, work, voice lessons, getting my license, trying to be a normal human/highschooler) but when I have a schedule it will be so much easier to post. Yes, I will actually post. I’m so excited for September. ALSO, I will be turning 16!!! September 29th is my birthday.

In other news, I went to a movie premiere last night. It was for an independent student film, and I know one of the producers, so I went with all my friends and walked the red carpet. It was a great night. It was the perfect last hoorah for the end of summer. (insert sad face here) I love autumn though, and I can’t wait for the cold weather, when I can wear whatever I please. In closing, I’ll just say this: fall is fun.

Those were my thoughts. I hope all of you who read my blog enjoy it. Tell your friends!




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