Style Icon: Violet Harmon

I just decided that I would watch American Horror Story. I’ve watched every episode up until the season finale, which I will probably watch today but I’m so nervous that I might burst into tears and be depressed for weeks. It’s an amazing show, and I highly recommend it if you aren’t easily frightened, and if you can take watching some pretty messed up stuff. I love it; maybe a little too much. Anyway my favorite character on the show is Violet. She is the teenage daughter of the family that moves into “the murder house” and she is insanely cool. Also, her and Tate are in love, and he is my other favorite character. Violet’s style is very interesting, with lots of layers, and converse. Most of her wardrobe was from Free People. Her attitude is very rude, and I always like characters like that. Violet is played by Taissa Farmiga.




Why do all my style icons always smoke? I guess I got a thing for it. Also, I found this awesome picture of Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga (not in character) that I wanted to share.


Violet Harmon is just too cool. I am so sad she won’t be in the next season but I can’t wait for asylum! It premieres October 17 on FX if you are interested!




4 thoughts on “Style Icon: Violet Harmon

  1. Paola! Jeex! You are a girl of my own heart!

    You absolutely said it: Violet Harmon is just too cool! Love her style. Taissa really adds a cool plain jane edge to the role…very atypical for a teen star like that (maybe it doesn’t help her older sister Vera was already famous)! That’s why I love her!

    Her style reminds me a lot of Claire Danes in My So Called Life…definitely a grunge influence. Love the hats she sports, too.

    Are you pumped for Season 2???

    Two Words: CHLOE SEVIGNY ! ! !

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