Music Monday: CSS

I haven’t done a music Monday post in a while, and it’s because I stopped listening to new music. I was stuck in a music rut. I know, I know, it depressed me too. BUT THEN…… I discovered Sky Ferreira radio on Pandora! It was probably the greatest moment of my day/ever when I realized that this channel has all the kinds of music I love. So, upon listening to this amazing channel, I found CSS. I had known one of their songs from somewhere, but I never realized how actually awesome they were, er.. are.


Their album La Liberación is pretty rad.

I have favorite songs from all three of their albums. They are a bit racy, if you aren’t into that kind of thing, but their music is just amazing. They are also Brazilian, and their accents really add to their sound.

My favorite songs are:

Music is My Hot Hot Sex


City Grrl

Hits Me Like a Rock

Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

I love those songs but I really need to listen to more songs!



She is Lovefoxxx, the lead singer of CSS.

They are such a freaking awesome band. Go listen to them! They are the new era of rave music!





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