Velvet Underground

By the title of this post, you were probably expecting a post about the band, “velvet underground.” I’m actually just going to talk about velvet. Starting with the fact that I used to hate velvet. A lot. I thought it was 90’s and ugly and uncomfortable. Now that I’ve obviously recovered from that severe head injury that affects the velvet loving part of my brain, I have come to senses. I love it now, and it’s so in for fall. I have my eye on this super cute velvet dress from Nastygal right now and I’m all like, I MUST HAVE IT. But seriously. I must.

I found some cool pictures of velvet clothes. They inspired me, I hope they inspire you!









Velvet is just the perfect accent to any outfit, and the perfect trend for fall. Love it! I need to buy some clothes!






2 thoughts on “Velvet Underground

  1. I love velvet. I remember when I was a cute fashionable 4-5 years old girl they used to be very popular, my some dresses was made of velvet actually. And my mother used to have some velvet pieces of clothes. But now they are not as popular as they were, actually today I’m afraid that I can’t find things like that. I’m thinking about sewing a dress now… It may be cool.

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