Crosses in Fashion


Crosses are very cool. They are a different kind of look compared to floral or stripes, and they add a kind of religious/witchy vibe to your wardrobe. I know, those things sound like complete opposites, but I promise it makes sense. Crosses are obviously linked to religion. All different religions have influenced the fashion industry in some way. Crosses are also very witchy because supposedly “satanists” wear the inverted cross because they are against God. BUT read this fun fact about the inverted cross. Since I’m far from a satanist, after reading this, I don’t feel that it’s wrong to wear an upside down cross. But let’s take into account that I found this on Urban Dictionary. It’s okay though, I choose to use this as a reliable source for information. And, of course I have nothing against witches. Especially teen ones. They are really fashionable and wear freakin’ cool makeup. Crosses add interest and intrigue to fashion. I love them.








Doesn’t this make you want to wear crosses with everything? I thought so.




[pictures found on weheartit]


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