A Winter Sunburn

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It’s very warm today. I don’t know why I always talk about the weather on here, I’m trying to make small talk with you I guess. When I say warm, I mean it reached the 50’s today and that’s pretty crazy considering two states over is a blizzard. I thought since I had time today I would post. I’ve been very busy and have some exciting stuff going on in my life right now! This outfit was inspired by Kenley Collins. I love her clothes! Check her out! I hope you are all having a great week, and happy Friday!




Music Monday: Robin Sparkles

“C’mon Jessica, c’mon Tori, let’s go to the mall you won’t be sorry.” The famous Robin Sparkles from the tv show How I Met Your Mother, is an obvious choice for Music Monday. On the show, Robin reveals she was a Canadian pop star back in the day, and her music is hilarious.

Her only two songs are:

Let’s Go To The Mall

Sandcastles In The Sand

The music videos look like they are from the 80’s, because on the show, Robin said the 80’s didn’t hit Canada until the mid-90’s, which is when they were “supposedly” made. Her dancing and singing are just a joke, but her lyrics are probably the funniest thing about her songs. Her outfits are so classic 80’s, and I love her hair.

Also, Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter had a tv show for kids, called Space Teens, where they solved crimes in space, using math.

They also sang a song called The Beaver Song.

Her music is hilarious and adorable, and super catchy. Go look it up! And watch How I Met Your Mother, because it’s one of the best shows on television.