Lavender Hair

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How to dye your hair lavender. An ombré!


Paola Kassa



Happy Halloween!!! I just passed out candy to kids, and it was so fun. I wanted to show you guys my costume! I’m a kitty, and yes, my hair is blonde at the end now. Here’s my costume:



For my makeup, I did a cat-eye with liquid liner, black eyeshadow, purple lipstick, and a nose and whiskers with my cream liner. It was so cold and rainy! (Thanks a lot Sandy) but I had fun! Hope you have fun too!


Borrowed From The Boys


By: Robin

She is a fellow September birthday. (Sept. 19th) Happy Birthday Robin! And thanks for posting!


Menswear for women has been a rising trend over the last few years and shows no signs of going away. I love that adding a little menswear to my style gives a great balance to any of my outfits. Today, I’m highlighting several different pieces of menswear in one outfit to give you ideas on how to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. I choose menswear inspired clothing rather than wearing actual men’s clothes – you still get the style without sacrificing the fit.

A newsboy cap is a fun way to make things more interesting by bringing a vintage vibe to your outfit. I don’t know why more girls don’t wear hats, they are one of my favorite accessories. This newsboy cap will make you stand out from the standard fedora.

The navy blazer is a staple that you only need to invest in (a good one) once because they are classy and have never gone out of style. It’s a versatile piece that you can dress up and dress down. A sign of a well made blazer is the weight of the buttons – I love the gold tone ones on mine!

Large watches are not just for your grandpa. The right watch will add a great look to your outfit while being very functional. Whenever I wear mine I’m reminded at how much easier it is to check my wrist for the time than to dig out my phone. I love using tortoise shell as a neutral, so this goes with all my fall outfits.

My favorite piece – the rugby shirt. Very underrated, and if you haven’t tried one on you’re missing out on arguably the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear. This one is from Ralph Lauren’s Rugby line and has this great detail under the back collar.

Loafers are another classic that you’ll want to go to time and time again. Sperry gave me this pair and they are my most comfortable pair of shoes. I love loafers with fringe, tassels, or a buckle that provides an old school flair.

While you don’t need to incorporate all of these at the same time, it’s fun to take one or two pieces to wear into the upcoming fall season.

Robin V.

Movies I Love: Clueless

Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time, and it definitely deserved a spot on my blog. I can’t believe I haven’t written about it before! I just kind of “re-discovered” it when it became free on Netflix (YES) and now I feel like I’ve been watching it whenever I have free time. This movie has helped shape the “youth culture” that is online today, and I love it.

Brittany Murphy is also my favorite actress ever, so of course I love this movie. And she is fantastic in it. From their cool 90’s style to their lingo, “ugh, as if!” it’s all perfect.

Cher is basically the coolest person alive. She is always perfect, even when she’s not. Does that make sense? Because I feel like that’s the only way to explain it. The great part about the movie though, is that she can’t pass her road test. It shows one thing she can’t talk her way into getting.

Also poor Cher is too blind to realize that the guy she likes is gay, which I think is hilarious. At the end though, she gets together with her ex-step brother (kind of odd?) who is played by Paul Rudd. Classic.

I also love the friendship between Cher and Dionne. They are very honest with each other, and they act like they are smart which they are clearly not. It’s exactly what every girl should do, duh.

The style in this movie is just wonderful. I love watching it for the sole purpose of studying their outfits. They are very fashionable icons.



And some of the quotes, are just….. The best.



I’m kind of obsessed that this movie is just about popularity. There are not usually movies like that, and I think it’s really entertaining.

Clueless is one of those movies I think we will all remember forever. It’s so iconic for my generation. Even if it did come out the year before I was born…





I’m totally buggin’.