Over-all of it


I think I have always been afraid of wearing overalls. They either looked too country, too 90’s, (the bad side of the 90’s) or just not my style. I never thought I could pull them off! BUT things have changed. I was looking online, and all of a sudden I saw overalls in a new light. I don’t know what changed, but now I’m all, I could wear them with the right styling! They can fit into my wardrobe! Luckily, my sister found these for me and now I’m in love. I think my message as a blogger is that anyone can wear what they want as long as they wear it with confidence. And I definitely need confidence to pull off wearing overalls!


These are Mossimo, so they were pretty inexpensive! I paired them with a Forever 21 t-shirt and shoes. I love the detail of the collar and sleeves because it makes it not just a basic tee.



What do you think of denim overalls?


Paola Kassa



Fashion Savvy


So, it’s story time. About a year ago, I got a job at a major retail store. I’m not going to say where because I kept the job for about a month and quit over the phone. Yeah, I wasn’t too committed. There were a lot of other factors contributing to my quitting, trust me, and I’ve learned from that experience. I promise I’m not just lazy! Anyway, the way I got the job was because I walked into the store, mostly to shop, and asked if they were hiring. (I had just left an interview elsewhere that had gone horribly.) When the manager said they were hiring, she interviewed me on the spot. I felt so unprepared! She started asking me questions about their store, company, and retail in general. Without pausing I answered the questions. I remember a specific question she asked, “What trends are coming up for spring/summer?” And guess what? I knew the answer! She was so impressed that I was hired on the spot. Although this job didn’t last for me, it was a great experience that helped my confidence.

Being in tune with the fashion industry and what is going on in the fashion world can open up a lot of opportunities, especially if you want to work in that industry!

Here are some tips on what you can do to keep up with the ever changing fashion world.

1. Read magazines


Magazines are amazing because they not only tell you new trends, but they are also a great way to find out personal style. They are so visual! They also usually have articles about people working in the fashion world which can be inspiring.

2. Check out blogs!

Fashion bloggers usually post photos only of themselves, but let me tell you- they are ahead of the trends! Everything you see them wearing will make its way to the runways, or their style is straight off the runway. Here are some great bloggers. You’re welcome in advance!

The Dress Decoded

Sincerely Jules


Bip Ling

Leanne Lim Walker


(Click on their names)

These bloggers are my favorite!! A lot of them have Instagram and Youtube channels too so check them out on their websites!

3. Real life inspiration


Check out stores! Retail shops are the most relatable way of seeing what is on the runways and what is up and coming. The clothes in the stores are toned down versions of what is doing well in high fashion. Seeing styles in stores will keep you up to date on what is currently trending.

I hope my fashion success story has helped you discover what you can be doing to improve your fashion savviness.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and check out my youtube channel for more fashion ideas!



Paola Kassa

Summer Nails 2014


So, let’s jump right in. I love nail polish. I had a whole phase in middle school where I painted my nails a different color every day… I was obsessed. I still love looking at the new popular nail colors every season, and I have made a video about my favorite colors for this summer!

I hope you guys like my YouTube channel!

All the nail polishes I used are listed in the video, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite sets here.


This blue color makes me so happy. The gold accents on the rings along with the neon colors make it perfect for summer. It’s electric and fun, which is what summer is all about, right?

The red – orange color is nice for summer because it’s not as harsh as a true red. My bracelet is from Colombia and I absolutely adore it. These colors combined make me want to dance!

This yellow neon color didn’t quite come out how bright it actually is, but it’s pretty neon! It took me forever to find a neon green/yellow color, and I still want to get a better quality one… I am all about this color though. The lightning bolt ring makes it double electric. I love it!


Hope you enjoyed! Check out my video for all the brands! What are your favorite nail colors for summer?



Purple Hair

Cut my hair and dyed the ends purple! It was so long but I love it now. I’ll have to have a photo shoot soon!


Before and after ūüôā


Dagger Nails

There’s been a new trend happening lately with nails. I haven’t decided if I like it yet, but it’s definitely catching on with people. Nails that are super pointy at the end. They seem kind of dangerous and not useful but oh well it’s a trend. It started with Lana Del Rey and now Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been doing it. These nails look really cool, but I don’t think I would ever be able to do this to my nails.




What do you think?




[pictures found on weheartit]

Dsquared² Fall 2012

The new Fall collection for Dsquared¬≤ is everything I love. It is very retro and colorful, which is different for a fall collection. I like that designers are really stepping up and doing what¬†they¬†like to do, instead of what’s trending. Here are my favorite looks from the runway.

The colors are very rich and modern, but they style of the clothes are 60’s. There are a lot of fuzzy sweaters, which I love, and capes. Capes are a very big deal this season and I think they worked it in perfectly with this collection. My favorite accessory were the sunglasses. They completed a lot of the looks. I just want to be this glamorous every day.




Resort Wear?

The new Resort 2013 collections! What an exciting time. The new shows feature a lot of floral, structure, and color. Which I love, (of course.) 

At¬†Thakoon, it was all stripes. I loved the new patterns he came out with. He definitely had a very literal take on the “resort” aesthetic, because it seemed like beach wear:

Thakoon Resort 2013

Thakoon Resort 2013

Thakoon Resort 2013

At NAHM, it was a smaller collection, but I loved it nonetheless. It was bright and fun, which I liked because most of the designers were very mature. How am I supposed to relate to that? They had bright pink in the collection that I loved. These are my favorite looks:

NAHM Resort 2013

NAHM Resort 2013

NAHM Resort 2013

NAHM Resort 2013

My absolute favorite was probably at¬†Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was fun, the models had multi-color hair, it was youthful, and all around adorable. And of course, Marc by Marc Jacobs is more affordable than the normal brand, but I still don’t own anything from Marc Jacobs. (Wish I did, one of my favorite designers.) Here are my personal favorites from the collection:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Who is your favorite? I hope you liked the Resort Collections of 2013! 



Summer Nails

I love nail polish so much, that I change up the colors of my nails every two days. If you are anything like me, but don’t always know what colors to get, then this will help. I really don’t even know what’s “on trend” for this summer, but these are the colors I think are perfect for this season.¬†

I think pastel is one of the best for summer, because it has a light, fun feel to it.

Chloe Grace Moretz with pastel purple nails.

Chloe Grace Moretz BeautyChloe Grace Moretz Pastel Nail Polish

Another great trend for summer is neon:

Kim Kardashian with neon pink nails.

Another trend that will always be hot in summer (pun intended) is blue. You can’t go wrong with a pretty turquoise!¬†


Drew Barrymore with bright blue nails.

And of course, there are the works of art. Here are some cute styles to try for summer, if you are into taking a lot of time to do your nails. (unlike me) 


Which one is your favorite? I hope this gave you some cool ideas to do this summer!