Purple Hair

Cut my hair and dyed the ends purple! It was so long but I love it now. I’ll have to have a photo shoot soon!


Before and after 🙂



Hot And Cold

031a 032a 033a


It’s still cold, but today is a good day. I wish I could have worn this outside though. I like the mix of plaid with leather. I never wear plaid but I like how this looks. Anyway, the good news of the day is that I bought my tickets to Marina and the Diamonds and I screamed and ran around my house. I’m so excited. Marina is my favorite singer of all time.

I’m off to make a collage on my wall now. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I think it’s going to be mostly of celebrities and fashion that I like, with a few other things mixed in there. I will post pictures, so stay tuned.



Gold, Guns, and Girls

It’s a beautiful day out! I was kind of bummed because I just got a new coat that I wanted to wear, but this weather makes up for it. It’s wonderful for November! My hair is in braids, it’s the new thing I like to do. I made this top yesterday, (yes I can sew) and I was really excited to wear it. I love velvet…. But you should already know that. 🙂