Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes

I spent my Sunday afternoon baking cupcakes for my favorite holiday, and it made me so happy. Baking is like my therapy, the perfect escape from reality for a few hours. Since Halloween is almost here, and since it’s Autumn, I thought I would make pumpkin cupcakes. I also decorated them with some cute Halloween theme decorations. They are so good!

I tweaked it a little, but I got the recipe from here, follow this link if you want to make these delicious cupcakes! http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/11/16/favorite-pumpkin-cupcakes/


I have never baked anything with pumpkin in it, so I was interested to see how it would taste. These are some of the decorations I put aside for later.


The items in my kitchen just happened to perfectly match the theme of the day.


Once I had mixed all the ingredients it looked, smelled, and tasted so delicious already!


They were ready to go in the oven looking amazing… Also they made the house smell like Fall. Yum.


This is how they looked after baking. My only complaint is that they didn’t rise that much, but they were in higher cupcake cups than the usual ones, so it wasn’t too bad.


Time to decorate! The “too low” problem was easily fixable once I started adding frosting. To make the frosting look prettier I whipped it and then put it in a plastic bag. Once it’s in there, you can just cut one corner and it squeezes out perfectly.



I made some with faces made out of candy!


These ones I decorated with the sprinkles I bought.


I love how they turned out! They also tasted delicious, and I have 5 other people that can attest to that. 🙂


The cupcake holders I used are from Mary & Martha, a direct sales company. My mom sells these items, and the bakeware is so cute. I used the line for my graduation party! If you’re interested, you can order them here: http://www.mymaryandmartha.com/DENEEN/

What’s your favorite treat to make for Halloween?

Also if you haven’t seen it, I posted a new video on my Youtube Channel about what your Halloween Costume should be! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaolaKBuitrago


Paola Kassa

Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s almost Halloween! My favorite holiday, and I’m so excited. I just posted a new video on my channel with costume ideas, so check it out here! Trust me, it’s funny and fashionable.

Let me know your costume in the comments!

Happy Halloween!


Paola Kassa


Happy Halloween!!! I just passed out candy to kids, and it was so fun. I wanted to show you guys my costume! I’m a kitty, and yes, my hair is blonde at the end now. Here’s my costume:



For my makeup, I did a cat-eye with liquid liner, black eyeshadow, purple lipstick, and a nose and whiskers with my cream liner. It was so cold and rainy! (Thanks a lot Sandy) but I had fun! Hope you have fun too!


Helloween Kitty


Halloween is approaching! I’m very into Halloween because, duh witches and candy are the two best things in life, and also because of the awesome things that become Halloween-themed for a hot second. Hello Kitty is one of them. Halloween and Hello Kitty are the perfect combo because of the sweetness and spookiness. I wanted to share some of the best things about it.

1. The Posters

These little happy Halloween posters make this holiday adorable.

2. The Deliciousness

These desserts and candy make me want to either die from cuteness overload, or from the fact that all of these look SO GOOD.




And they have a Hello Kitty cupcake kit?! Are you joking!!?


3. The Pumpkins

Somebody actually carved this and I am amazed.




4. The Fashion Statements

These nails are so cool.




Also, the hilariously cheesy clothes make me real happy.



And when you dress up like Hello Kitty for Halloween, you don’t do it like this:


You do it like this:


Hope this post made you laugh and appreciate the cuteness of Hello Kitty AND the awesomeness of Halloween. :]



Sephora Buys

I recently went to sephora and bought some makeup that I have been dying to get all year. I can’t really afford a lot from there but I wanted to share what I did get.


I bought Rosebud Salve lip balm, blue sephora eyeshadow (Suzy Bishop-esque) and dark purple lipstick. This is what my lipstick looks like:


I really like it! It’s very halloween-ish to me. I want black lipstick, but I’m a little too afraid to go for it, so I went with this color instead. What do you think?