School Outfits

Check out my new video on what to wear to school!


Paola Kassa


Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s almost Halloween! My favorite holiday, and I’m so excited. I just posted a new video on my channel with costume ideas, so check it out here! Trust me, it’s funny¬†and fashionable.

Let me know your costume in the comments!

Happy Halloween!


Paola Kassa

Inspiration Walls

I’ve been busy. So, hi everyone. Again. I’ve missed you all. There is something about this year that has made me take a liking to new things. I like what I want to like, and recently that has been everything from bows to skulls. So now all I do is go on the internet and search through weheartit. Yeah, that’s my life. I have actually found some awesome stuff that has really inspired to start some new projects. I have been thinking of ways to make my room more interesting, and I think I’m just gonna cover my walls in posters and photos that inspire me. Basically everything I love. Just wanted to post some inspiration…