DIY: Dip Dye Hair

I’m so excited right now because I just dyed my hair! I have never done it before, and I dyed the ends “dip-dye” style at home. I wanted to share a little how-to so if any of you want to try, you can!

First, here’s what you need:
Towel and tshirt you don’t care about
Creme developer (I used Salon Care 20 volume)
Powder lightener (I used PrismLites)
Color dye of your choice
An applicator or comb
Plastic bowl

Step 1: section your hair to the length you want it

Step 2: mix 1 packet of the powder with 2 ounces of the creme developer, mix until it’s like icing. Wear your gloves!

Step 3: spread the mixture through hair, making sure to cover inside and out, then wrap up in grocery bag and set it for 40 minutes (or as long as the directions on your bleach say)

Step 4: rinse out the bleach with warm water, and condition. Let it completely dry. It should look like this, or lighter.

Step 5: put color in, covering the blonde area. It’s ok if you get some on the not bleached parts, it won’t hold the color if your hair is dark. Wrap up in bag and wait as long as your dye directions say.

Step 6: rinse out and put more conditioner in. This is how mine turned out!

Also, if you can, get someone to help you. It’s a lot easier if you do. Thanks to my lovely father who helped me!

Hope this helped! If you have any questions, comment below!