Winter Favorites

Check out my favorite things for this season!


Paola Kassa


A Winter Sunburn

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It’s very warm today. I don’t know why I always talk about the weather on here, I’m trying to make small talk with you I guess. When I say warm, I mean it reached the 50’s today and that’s pretty crazy considering two states over is a blizzard. I thought since I had time today I would post. I’ve been very busy and have some exciting stuff going on in my life right now! This outfit was inspired by Kenley Collins. I love her clothes! Check her out! I hope you are all having a great week, and happy Friday!



Sun and Silk


I took these photos yesterday, and since then I’ve been feeling SO UGLY. Hey, I’m just trying to be honest. Do any of you ever feel that way? I guess spilling one personal feeling I’m having makes me like, a real blogger now. Yes, I know my hair matches my shirt.


Here’s some stuff I got for Christmas. MIU MIU SCARF YEAH. I’m in love with it. That’s my Rookie Yearbook that I am obsessed with.

My shoes are from DSW, from the sale section in the back because they never have anything good in the front. People think I’m crazy when I wear them. Good.



Kay have a good weekend!



Happy Halloween!!! I just passed out candy to kids, and it was so fun. I wanted to show you guys my costume! I’m a kitty, and yes, my hair is blonde at the end now. Here’s my costume:



For my makeup, I did a cat-eye with liquid liner, black eyeshadow, purple lipstick, and a nose and whiskers with my cream liner. It was so cold and rainy! (Thanks a lot Sandy) but I had fun! Hope you have fun too!


Sephora Buys

I recently went to sephora and bought some makeup that I have been dying to get all year. I can’t really afford a lot from there but I wanted to share what I did get.


I bought Rosebud Salve lip balm, blue sephora eyeshadow (Suzy Bishop-esque) and dark purple lipstick. This is what my lipstick looks like:


I really like it! It’s very halloween-ish to me. I want black lipstick, but I’m a little too afraid to go for it, so I went with this color instead. What do you think?



Inspiration Walls

I’ve been busy. So, hi everyone. Again. I’ve missed you all. There is something about this year that has made me take a liking to new things. I like what I want to like, and recently that has been everything from bows to skulls. So now all I do is go on the internet and search through weheartit. Yeah, that’s my life. I have actually found some awesome stuff that has really inspired to start some new projects. I have been thinking of ways to make my room more interesting, and I think I’m just gonna cover my walls in posters and photos that inspire me. Basically everything I love. Just wanted to post some inspiration…






Red Lips (And Why They’re So Cool)


I’m a big supporter of wearing lipstick. I hate that when I’m reading magazines, the reports are always, “NEWS FLASH: Men don’t like bright lipstick!” Who cares what men like?! I don’t dress for anyone but myself. Here are some awesome pictures to show how you can pull off wearing red lipstick.

Honestly, red lipstick looks so classic, and it turns up the volume on any outfit. 



All different ways, all fabulous. Make sure that when you are wearing red lipstick, you keep the rest of your makeup mostly natural. You wouldn’t want to end up looking like a clown.¬†Especially when you have full lips, like me. Also, I found this awesome tutorial for putting on red lipstick on Rookiemag.¬†

Remember, fashion is fun!