You Ate My Heart


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Purple Hair

Cut my hair and dyed the ends purple! It was so long but I love it now. I’ll have to have a photo shoot soon!


Before and after 🙂


Weekend Away


What a crazy week I had. I don’t know how I even made it through. But I’m going away for the weekend! These are my essentials, obviously. Have a good weekend! Also, Happy Valentines day! ❤





Warm Vibes



I’ve been under the strange illusion that it’s warm outside. It’s not. I wish that it were. I want to dress in shorts and crop tops and be tan. January is not nice to me. It snowed last night! The cold weather makes me sad because I have to ruin all the outfits I’m wearing by putting a sweater over it. I’m so over cardigans!!!! Kay that’s my rant but enjoy this outfit I put together and pray for warm weather.

American Apparel top and skirt

Flower Crown I made

Naked 2 by Urban Decay palette



New Year Resolutions



Happy 2013!!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I figured I would come back with a bang in 2013. And I am! Thanks so much to all my readers for keeping up with me last year! Since it is the new year I wanted to share my resolutions. I’ve always felt like resolutions are just empty promises you make to yourself that will never be fulfilled, so I like to think of them as “goals.” Somehow that makes me want to achieve them. So here’s my list of goals for 2013.

1. Get fit and healthy

2. Get into college! (I will be applying in the fall)

3. Get a good ACT score

4. Go to London

5. Work on this blog SUPER HARD

So those are mine! What are yours?



Music Monday: Metric

Metric is one of my favorite bands. They are from Canada, with their lead singer being Emily Haines. She is so awesome and has a great voice!

My favorite songs by them are:


Help I’m Alive

Gimme Sympathy

Gold Guns Girls

Sick Muse

Lost Kitten

Something interesting about them is that the song from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that Envy Adams sings, Black Sheep, is their song. So technically Metric’s song is the “original version.”  They recorded it for the soundtrack, and I can’t decide which version I like better.

The acoustic versions of some of their songs are actually better than the original versions. That’s just in my opinion!

One of my favorite lines from their songs is in Gimme Sympathy. Who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? 






Aahhh they are such a good band! Go listen to them now!




[pictures found on weheartit]

Music News: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s ep comes out tomorrow! I’m so excited for this, I love her. I can’t wait to hear these wonderful songs, I already love Ride, and the way she sings Blue Velvet is pure perfection. She’s amazing!