Denim on Denim

Happy Spring! I’m excited about the new trends coming up this season, and I have been working hard on my Youtube videos, so I hope you have been watching! A trend I love this season is wearing denim on denim. The spring is the most appropriate time to wear denim on denim because it looks the best! No more boots, and no more bulky coats and scarves! (If you even had a winter where you live.)

Anyway here are some of my favorite looks, these people have done denim right!


I wore denim on denim the other day, you should check out my Instagram! It’s on the sidebar. Here’s my look:


Thanks for checking out my blog!


Paola Kassa


Met Gala 2013

The Met Gala was a few days ago, and I’m so excited to post about it. Lately I haven’t been excited about any red carpets. The Oscars weren’t even good! People have not been dressing their best and I have been so disappointed and just bored with everyone’s outfits. The Met Gala let all the people I love redeem themselves and they did! I was so happy as I scrolled through these amazing outfits. I think this is the best my favorite celebrities and style icons have looked in a long time. Here are my favorites!

Anne Hathaway actually looked great. (I usually don’t like her outfits) But she looks so cool and edgy in Valentino.

I am absolutely in love with Nicole Richie in this look by Topshop. She looks so fantastic. My favorite.

I usually don’t care about Taylor Swift on the red carpet, but she looked so good! In J. Mendel

Who was your favorite? I think they really took the opening of Punk: Chaos to Couture and put it into their fashion. I love that style, so this was the best red carpet I’ve seen in a while.




Purple Hair

Cut my hair and dyed the ends purple! It was so long but I love it now. I’ll have to have a photo shoot soon!


Before and after ūüôā


Music News: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s ep comes out tomorrow! I’m so excited for this, I love her. I can’t wait to hear these wonderful songs, I already love Ride, and the way she sings Blue Velvet is pure perfection. She’s amazing!




Pastel Hair

I love Pastel Hair. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to dye my hair, but I like mine too much to actually do it. These colors are my favorite, and I admire the people who actually do it.


My personal favorite look is pink on blonde hair. Of course, I have dark hair and can’t even put temporary dye in my hair. I tried it once with purple and it only tinted it for a few days. Barely. Hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures!¬†



Lost in Time: The 1950’s

Ah, here we go. A new segment on¬†September and Friends.¬†Lost in Time.¬†What is this, you ask? I will be posting about a time period where the fashion was hot and the dancing was hotter. (Ok, every decade had an awesome dance.) But here we go,¬†The 1950’s!

Everything about the 1950’s is adorable. Everything was so classy and cute.

Of course, had to put Grease in there.

Also, am I the only one who thinks 1950’s prom dresses are way cuter than prom dresses today? When I go to prom, I’m ordering a vintage dress. Not a low-cut dress with holes on the side. Here are some of my favorite 50’s prom dresses:

vintage 1950s buttercup yellow Gone With The Wind party prom dress

vintage tulle prom dresses

So adorable.

I know this is mainly one side of the 50’s, I didn’t really add the punk style because it’s not what most people were wearing back then. The only downside to 50’s fashion is that there wasn’t a lot of room for personal style. You were either a greaser or a prep. (jokes) But seriously, it was all about the perfect “cookie-cutter” girl. I love 1950’s style. I wish I could go back in time and live through it.



Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

Ahh, yes. Here we go. The first of many¬†Music Monday‘s.

Right now, I’m listening to¬†Lana Del Rey. She’s a GENIUS. Of course, Lana Del Rey is not her real name. She started out as Lizzy Grant, but wasn’t selling her music with that name. Because, ya know, that’s not “hip” enough. Her new album¬†Born to Die is amazing. Every single song is good, you don’t have to skip a track. Here’s the album cover:

Lana Del Rey’s style is perfection. As soon as she wears something, it’s cool and everyone wants to wear it. At least it’s like that for me. Girl crush for sure.

Her hair and makeup are always done fantastically, which, yes, I know she has a team of stylists making her look perfect, but she’s just a total style icon and I can’t get over her face. Like ahhhhhhh.

Ok. I’ll stop posting pictures of her now….. And yes, my background is her. SHE’S EVEN PERFECT IN DRAWING.

Happy Monday!