In Training

Trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, what ever you call them – they are making an entrance into the fashion world. This trend of wearing athletic footwear with non-athletic clothing is so much fun because it creates an effortless vibe to any outfit. If you’re wearing a dress but don’t want to seem too dressy, you can throw on a pair of stylish sneakers and you will look chic. (And be comfortable)

The best part about this trend is that there are so many different colors and patterns with this type of shoe! A bold shoe doesn’t just have to be a heel. Everyone can pull off this look, and it can travel through seasons.


This is a perfect example (with bloggers) of wearing bright tennis shoes with fashionable outfits. It is also easy to see that it can work with any kind of style.

This is exactly why I love this trend. She is wearing a tutu and trainers and looks amazing! I love that this style is not following typical fashion ‘rules’ and it totally works.

My personal favorite way to wear this look is with these floral Adidas. Adidas and the Farm Company teamed up to create these amazing, girly, summer styled floral originals, and I absolutely adore these.


Do you like wearing sneakers with fashion?







Wish List

These are some things I’ve been wanting lately. I’m changing my hair to purple this week. I’m so excited! I will post pictures. I’ve been really into leather skirts lately, I think they will look cool in the summer, along with high top converse. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up! Have a good week everyone!
Wish List

Wildfox couture sweater
$335 –

H M pleated skirt
$46 –

Converse high top sneaker

Kate spade

Sun and Silk


I took these photos yesterday, and since then I’ve been feeling SO UGLY. Hey, I’m just trying to be honest. Do any of you ever feel that way? I guess spilling one personal feeling I’m having makes me like, a real blogger now. Yes, I know my hair matches my shirt.


Here’s some stuff I got for Christmas. MIU MIU SCARF YEAH. I’m in love with it. That’s my Rookie Yearbook that I am obsessed with.

My shoes are from DSW, from the sale section in the back because they never have anything good in the front. People think I’m crazy when I wear them. Good.



Kay have a good weekend!


Crosses in Fashion


Crosses are very cool. They are a different kind of look compared to floral or stripes, and they add a kind of religious/witchy vibe to your wardrobe. I know, those things sound like complete opposites, but I promise it makes sense. Crosses are obviously linked to religion. All different religions have influenced the fashion industry in some way. Crosses are also very witchy because supposedly “satanists” wear the inverted cross because they are against God. BUT read this fun fact about the inverted cross. Since I’m far from a satanist, after reading this, I don’t feel that it’s wrong to wear an upside down cross. But let’s take into account that I found this on Urban Dictionary. It’s okay though, I choose to use this as a reliable source for information. And, of course I have nothing against witches. Especially teen ones. They are really fashionable and wear freakin’ cool makeup. Crosses add interest and intrigue to fashion. I love them.








Doesn’t this make you want to wear crosses with everything? I thought so.




[pictures found on weheartit]

Combat Boots

I think combat boots are some of the coolest shoes in the world. I really want to get a pair, but right now I just want to post pictures of them and express my deep love for them.






I just love all styles of these boots. That’s all.



Meadham Kirchhoff

Recently I’ve been researching the new Fall Runway Shows. And one of my favorites is Meadham Kirchhoff. (If you click on that link, you can watch the show) The ready-to-wear collection is so fun and girly, with a 70’s-80’s vibe. It is everything I want, but it’s way too expensive for my little wallet. Check out some of the pictures from the show:

The shoes were all glittery, in this odd shape, but I thought it went perfectly with the styling.

Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2012 - Details

The bags were all very funky and bat accessories were involved in a lot of the looks.

Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2012 - Details

The alien makeup was amazing and totally completed the collection. Even though it was a little out there. 

The whole show was overall fun and cute, complete with models throwing glitter all over the runway. That is one show I would love to go to. And the clothes I wish I could have. What do you think of the new collection? I personally love it.