A Winter Sunburn

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It’s very warm today. I don’t know why I always talk about the weather on here, I’m trying to make small talk with you I guess. When I say warm, I mean it reached the 50’s today and that’s pretty crazy considering two states over is a blizzard. I thought since I had time today I would post. I’ve been very busy and have some exciting stuff going on in my life right now! This outfit was inspired by Kenley Collins. I love her clothes! Check her out! I hope you are all having a great week, and happy Friday!




Hot And Cold

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It’s still cold, but today is a good day. I wish I could have worn this outside though. I like the mix of plaid with leather. I never wear plaid but I like how this looks. Anyway, the good news of the day is that I bought my tickets to Marina and the Diamonds and I screamed and ran around my house. I’m so excited. Marina is my favorite singer of all time.

I’m off to make a collage on my wall now. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I think it’s going to be mostly of celebrities and fashion that I like, with a few other things mixed in there. I will post pictures, so stay tuned.



Warm Vibes



I’ve been under the strange illusion that it’s warm outside. It’s not. I wish that it were. I want to dress in shorts and crop tops and be tan. January is not nice to me. It snowed last night! The cold weather makes me sad because I have to ruin all the outfits I’m wearing by putting a sweater over it. I’m so over cardigans!!!! Kay that’s my rant but enjoy this outfit I put together and pray for warm weather.

American Apparel top and skirt

Flower Crown I made

Naked 2 by Urban Decay palette



Crosses in Fashion


Crosses are very cool. They are a different kind of look compared to floral or stripes, and they add a kind of religious/witchy vibe to your wardrobe. I know, those things sound like complete opposites, but I promise it makes sense. Crosses are obviously linked to religion. All different religions have influenced the fashion industry in some way. Crosses are also very witchy because supposedly “satanists” wear the inverted cross because they are against God. BUT read this fun fact about the inverted cross. Since I’m far from a satanist, after reading this, I don’t feel that it’s wrong to wear an upside down cross. But let’s take into account that I found this on Urban Dictionary. It’s okay though, I choose to use this as a reliable source for information. And, of course I have nothing against witches. Especially teen ones. They are really fashionable and wear freakin’ cool makeup. Crosses add interest and intrigue to fashion. I love them.








Doesn’t this make you want to wear crosses with everything? I thought so.




[pictures found on weheartit]