Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is here! Of course now is the perfect time to go to the beach or the pool, and I wanted to share what I would put in my beach bag this season!

I recently found an amazing site called Naja, a great company for lingerie and swimwear! I love this brand because they not only sell cute and affordable items, but because they care about more than just their products. They employ single mothers, help women, and help the environment! Check out the website here:

Here’s my favorite swimsuit from Naja right now:


To go with this look, here is what is in my beach bag this season!

BeachBagNaja copy

Click the items below!

1. The Bag: Asos

I like this bag because it’s bright without being overwhelming.

2. The Swimsuit: Naja 

What’s more to say? I love it!

3. The Sunnies: ZeroUV

The sunglasses from ZeroUV are so cute and so affordable! Check them out!

4. The Book: Paper Towns

Paper towns (The movie!) is coming out soon, and it’s the best time to get the book before it comes to theaters! It is one of my favorite books and a great beach read.

5. The Towel: Urban Outfitters

I love the phases of the moon. It’s a cute towel without being super bright. This is more my personal style.

6. The Sunscreen: The Honest Company

I just started using this sunscreen and I think it’s perfect! It smells nice and doesn’t have a lot of greasiness to it.

7. The Cover Up: Aerie

This is simple and you can just throw it on over a colorful bathing suit.

8. The Water Bottle: CamelBak

Stay hydrated while outside! Bring water in your bag with a nice, quality water bottle.

What is in your beach bag this season?


Paola Kassa


Polka Dots!

So, for the longest time I hated polka dots. I didn’t have any polka dot clothes, even though they were super popular at the local Limited Too. (ahh, elementary days) But I finally came to my senses about a month ago, (yes it took that long) and now I’m IN LOVE.

Every single style of clothing is cute with polka dots on it.

This is all so adorable! The dots! The bows! The nails!

I also made this tube top from polka dot fabric:


And yes, it’s terrible quality. I’m sorry! I will have better pictures later!

Also I just got this adorable bathing suit from White House Black Market, which I totally thought was a store for moms.

image enlargement

Yes, I just bought this bathing suit, no, I don’t look like that in it. What do you think I am? A model or something?