Denim on Denim

Happy Spring! I’m excited about the new trends coming up this season, and I have been working hard on my Youtube videos, so I hope you have been watching! A trend I love this season is wearing denim on denim. The spring is the most appropriate time to wear denim on denim because it looks the best! No more boots, and no more bulky coats and scarves! (If you even had a winter where you live.)

Anyway here are some of my favorite looks, these people have done denim right!


I wore denim on denim the other day, you should check out my Instagram! It’s on the sidebar. Here’s my look:


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Paola Kassa


Fashion Savvy


So, it’s story time. About a year ago, I got a job at a major retail store. I’m not going to say where because I kept the job for about a month and quit over the phone. Yeah, I wasn’t too committed. There were a lot of other factors contributing to my quitting, trust me, and I’ve learned from that experience. I promise I’m not just lazy! Anyway, the way I got the job was because I walked into the store, mostly to shop, and asked if they were hiring. (I had just left an interview elsewhere that had gone horribly.) When the manager said they were hiring, she interviewed me on the spot. I felt so unprepared! She started asking me questions about their store, company, and retail in general. Without pausing I answered the questions. I remember a specific question she asked, “What trends are coming up for spring/summer?” And guess what? I knew the answer! She was so impressed that I was hired on the spot. Although this job didn’t last for me, it was a great experience that helped my confidence.

Being in tune with the fashion industry and what is going on in the fashion world can open up a lot of opportunities, especially if you want to work in that industry!

Here are some tips on what you can do to keep up with the ever changing fashion world.

1. Read magazines


Magazines are amazing because they not only tell you new trends, but they are also a great way to find out personal style. They are so visual! They also usually have articles about people working in the fashion world which can be inspiring.

2. Check out blogs!

Fashion bloggers usually post photos only of themselves, but let me tell you- they are ahead of the trends! Everything you see them wearing will make its way to the runways, or their style is straight off the runway. Here are some great bloggers. You’re welcome in advance!

The Dress Decoded

Sincerely Jules


Bip Ling

Leanne Lim Walker


(Click on their names)

These bloggers are my favorite!! A lot of them have Instagram and Youtube channels too so check them out on their websites!

3. Real life inspiration


Check out stores! Retail shops are the most relatable way of seeing what is on the runways and what is up and coming. The clothes in the stores are toned down versions of what is doing well in high fashion. Seeing styles in stores will keep you up to date on what is currently trending.

I hope my fashion success story has helped you discover what you can be doing to improve your fashion savviness.

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Paola Kassa

Velvet Underground

By the title of this post, you were probably expecting a post about the band, “velvet underground.” I’m actually just going to talk about velvet. Starting with the fact that I used to hate velvet. A lot. I thought it was 90’s and ugly and uncomfortable. Now that I’ve obviously recovered from that severe head injury that affects the velvet loving part of my brain, I have come to senses. I love it now, and it’s so in for fall. I have my eye on this super cute velvet dress from Nastygal right now and I’m all like, I MUST HAVE IT. But seriously. I must.

I found some cool pictures of velvet clothes. They inspired me, I hope they inspire you!









Velvet is just the perfect accent to any outfit, and the perfect trend for fall. Love it! I need to buy some clothes!





Crop Tops

Ok, so Crop Tops are a super trend right now. They are definitely not for everyone, but they are super cute when you wear them right. 

High-waisted shorts look great:

Ariana Grande

And high-waisted skirts look pretty too:

Even though I don’t like Selena Gomez, I have to admit this looks great.

High-waisted pants with a crop top look good too, if you are tall enough to pull it off.


Here are some cute crop tops and bralets:

So adorable, but it can go into trashy territory quickly. High-waisted looks, so only a little skin is showing, is the best bet. 

I just bought a bralet from Urban Outfitters today that is so cute. They are a great trend for summer, but don’t try it if you aren’t totally confident with what you are wearing. Then you won’t pull it off!