In Training

Trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, what ever you call them – they are making an entrance into the fashion world. This trend of wearing athletic footwear with non-athletic clothing is so much fun because it creates an effortless vibe to any outfit. If you’re wearing a dress but don’t want to seem too dressy, you can throw on a pair of stylish sneakers and you will look chic. (And be comfortable)

The best part about this trend is that there are so many different colors and patterns with this type of shoe! A bold shoe doesn’t just have to be a heel. Everyone can pull off this look, and it can travel through seasons.


This is a perfect example (with bloggers) of wearing bright tennis shoes with fashionable outfits. It is also easy to see that it can work with any kind of style.

This is exactly why I love this trend. She is wearing a tutu and trainers and looks amazing! I love that this style is not following typical fashion ‘rules’ and it totally works.

My personal favorite way to wear this look is with these floral Adidas. Adidas and the Farm Company teamed up to create these amazing, girly, summer styled floral originals, and I absolutely adore these.


Do you like wearing sneakers with fashion?








I am a dancer, and I love wearing tutus. But I also think they are really cute in fashion, outside of ballet class. I love the whole petticoat look too, which is kind of in the same category as tutus. Tutus look so cute and girly, which I love, (of course) but they also can be really edgy and cool looking.

This is a petticoat skirt from American Apparel, that I want to get so bad, but it’s way too expensive for just some ruffles.

And here is tutu to the extreme at Betsey Johnson:

betsey johnson tutu

How do you feel about tutus? I would wear them all the time if I could!